Conan Doyle for the Defense: The True Story of a Sensational British Murder, a Quest for Justice, and the World's Most Famous Detective Writer

by Margalit Fox

Conan Doyle for the Defense (2018)
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319 pages

English language

Published Jan 9th 2018

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"In this thrilling true-crime procedural, the creator of Sherlock Holmes uses his unparalleled detective skills to exonerate a German Jew wrongly convicted of murder. For all the scores of biographies of Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of the most famous detective in the world, there is no American book that tells this remarkable story--in which Conan Doyle becomes a real-life detective …

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  • Detectives
  • Murder
  • Forensic sciences
  • Discrimination in criminal justice administration
  • Vindication
  • Criminal investigation