Dangerous Books for Girls: The bad reputation of romance novels, explained

by Maya Rodale

Dangerous Books for Girls (2015, Maya Rodale)

Published Feb 10th 2015 by Maya Rodale.

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2 star

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Long before clinch covers and bodice rippers, romance novels had a bad reputation as the lowbrow lit of desperate housewives and hopeless spinsters. But why were these books—the escape and entertainment of choice for millions of women—singled out for scorn and shame?

Dangerous Books for Girls examines the secret history of the genre’s bad reputation—from the “damned mob of scribbling …

sarah reviewed Dangerous Books for Girls


2 star

I really wanted to read a history of romance novels from a book history perspective: emergence of the genre, publishing houses, how they are categorized, etc. This is not that. This is a self-published book that wasn't pushed hard enough to do the research it gestures at or even to consistently cite its research. There are some good insights! But …